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16 Nov 2011

4FRNT presents: Loyalty

Loyalty is a very likeable edit. It has park skiing, backcountry skiing, urban skiing, backcountry freestyle and don’t even get me started on all the featured music styles. As I said, should be some cool stuff in there for everyone.

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09 Sep 2011

Switchback entertainment: Mica Heli Skiing

Henrik Windstedt, Mike Douglas, Mark Abma and Asmund Thorsen ski some amazing powder at Mica Heliskiing!

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08 Sep 2011

The art of flight – Travis Rice

Normally this is a blog about skiing movies. But i will make an exception for this snowboard movie. I just finished watching The art of flight! Damn. This is one sick movie. My expectations where very high after That’s it that’s all, but Brainfarm Entertainment managed to live up to those expectations. Great cinematography. Great music. Great editing. Great riding. Great flying. It’s all in there. Be sure to grab it on itunes: iTunes Store



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07 Sep 2011

Russ Henshaw – Machine Style skiing

Russ Henshaw had a good year. Red Bull made a nice profile edit about Russ.

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27 Aug 2011

Teddybear Crisis: The greatest freeskiing movie out there

Enjoy this classic ski movie, it might not have today’s production values, but the cast and insane skiing make up for that. It could even be argued that Teddybear Crisis paved the way for today’s standards in skiing movies.

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