Richard Permin just dropped his segment from The Masquerade on his facebook. You should really check it out here: Richard Permin facebook.  Makes me want to go ski like non other. Sick lines and burly skiing with good music.

Anyways the segment is part of The Masquerade, a movie by Super Proof featuring a who’s who of freeskiing: Richard Permin offcourse, Sean Pettit, Mark Abma, Torin Wallace, Noah Bowman, Callum pettit. The story claims “Follow five professional skiers and their talents through the Alaskan mountain ranges to the underground gambling scene in Whistler, BC. The five men have resorted to scamming their own industry in order to make a living. Only to run into trouble with two other professional skiers seemingly in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Not toos ure about that story, but who knows. Judging on the skiing in the trailer it’s looking very interesting and that is the most important fact after all. With these skiers you can’t go wrong.



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