Words can’t even begin to describe Teddybear Crisis. It is possibly the best freeskiing movie out there. It sure as hell is one of the most influential. Teddybear Crisis is a movie that got a LOT of people into newschool freeskiing. It has so many great and famous shots. Remember the massive overshoot by Simon Dumont, in there. Remeber Chad’s Gap, in there. In fact is has some of the most amazing gap jumps you’ll ever see, even by today’s standards.

It has some of the biggest names in freeskiing in the movie. Tanner Hall. Check. Jon Olsson. Check. Simon Dumont. Check. We could basically write a checkmark behind all the names, because they are all big name skiers.

Enjoy this classic ski movie, it might not have today’s production values, but the cast and ┬áinsane skiing make up for that. It could even be argued that Teddybear Crisis paved the way for today’s standards in skiing movies.


Here the official press release from back then:

Teddybear Crisis’ debut self titled release (Teddybear Crisis) is a backcountry gap show as the crew revisits the classic Utah gaps that Ostness Wind-Up Films pioneered years ago and discover a few new ones on the way. Upper/Lower Flagstaff and Pyramid, all mandatory 90 foot spans, pale to Tanner Hall hitting 120 foot Chad’d5s Gap skiing backwards at 53mph and stomping a switch 900.

The crew travels from unique backcountry features, super-sized park, kickers over half pipes, freeskiing in the Alps, Alaska and face shots in Utah. The intro was shot on 35mm film with a full rock video production crew in Oslo Norway, a just start for a ski film that is crawling out of the box with a new style and a fresh look at insane action.

Filmed in Europe, Scandinavia, Utah, California, Alaska on 16mm and 35mm film. Eclectic soundtrack.

Starring: Tanner Hall, Mike Wilson, Jon Olsson, Simon Dumont, Henrik Windstedt, Niklas Karlstrom, Nico Zacek, Brandon Becker, Pk Hunder, Jacob Wester, Oscar Scherlin, Espen Linnerud, Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, TJ Schiller, Jon Larsson, Stian Hagen, Seb Garhammer, Laurent Favre and John Symms.

Teddybear Crisis is a Kris Ostness and Henrik Rostrup company.

Ostness, based in the US, made a series cult ski films(Clay Pigeons, TEE-TIME, The Flying Circus and The Bolero Project) under his company Wind-Up Films.

Rostrup, based in Norway, made ski films under his company Push Films and include Scanners and Not Another Ski Movie.


JasonAugust 28, 2011 10:15 pm

This is my favorite skiing movie! Thnx for posting it bud. Whadda killer lineup huh! so much win in this.

MikeSeptember 6, 2011 6:36 pm

Such a sick movie!

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