03 Oct 2011

Superpark the movie

Released in 2002, Superpark: The Movie shows that back in the day a good terrain park was not a given. A really good terrain park had to be specially built, and was for invited riders only. Kids now a days are used to having the possibility of riding cool terrain parks but back in the day you had to earn that right. Powder magazine used to sponsor an event called superpark where a huge park was built and all the top riders where invited. Check out this classic movie from when a nice terrain park was still a luxury.

It features tons of great riders that where at the forefront of the development of freeskiing: Anthony Boronowski, Mark Abma, Mickael Deshenaux, Mike Douglas, Evan Raps, Mike Wilson, Pep Fujas, Rory Bushfield, Sage Catabriga, Tanner Hall, Shane McConkey,  Eric Pollard, Chris Turpin, Candide Thovex and a lot more are all in there !

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