26 Aug 2011

Retallack: The Movie

Retallack: The Movie is the first full feature film by Tanner Hall’s Inspired Media. Retallack will take you deep into the powder. Retallack is a famous ski lodge owned by some of skiing biggest names, amongst them Tanner Hall and Seth Morrison. The lodge is in a non ski lift operated area. Because there are no ski lifts, the only way to get up the mountain is by heli, cat or skinning.

Although the movie is a bit short, it runs just short of 30 minutes, it contains some of the most incredible powder skiing shots you will probably see this movie season. Retallack: The Movie has a nice and laidback feel, with great pacing. The soundtrack is by and is alo worth mentioning. All in all Retallack: The Movie is well worth the 10$ for the digital download.

Retallack can be bought at Inspired Media!

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