Joystick’s Hot Lunch is one of my personal favs. Not because of great filming, great editing or even great skiing. But because it has such an awesome relaxed & laidback vibe. It’s just some friends jibbing and skiing all over the mountain. It shows that they are really having fun. Anthony Boronowski really captured the essence of a good day at the mountain with this film and that is why it is one my personal favs. That, and the fact the music is top notch. Non of that overhyped, over produced stuff. Just good music. Velvet Underground, Sigur Ros, House of Love. And it suits the having fun vibe perfectly.

Watch Anthony Bornowski and his friends have fun all over the mountain. Skiing is all about having fun.


JasonSeptember 6, 2011 6:34 pm

U are right! This video does have a nice and laidback feel. Enjoyed. Thnx.

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