26 Nov 2015

Skiing in Turkey; how to make the best of a situation With Johan Jonsson

For those that didn’t know. There is skiing in Turkey. It’s gaining popularity actually. Johan Jonsson took a trip down there hoping to find good skiing (and good coffee). All he found where hard conditions. Luckily he earned some turns on the one day it did dump.

I enjoyed this ski video. I like how they made the best of a bad situation.


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17 Nov 2015

BE Inspired movie trailer

Some of the best urban skiing out there in the new BE inspired ski movie with Henrik Harlaut and Phil Casabon. B-dog & e-dollo coming at ya!

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31 Jan 2013

Real Skifi Episode 8; sick urban action

Real Skifi are a bunch of kickass finnish skiers that shoot short ski webisodes. Very similar to Nipwitz, always pushing the boundaries of what is possible in urban environments. Very creative & always entertaining. Enjoy their newest episode.

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06 Dec 2012

Days 2 come by Vital Films

This years’ Vital Films movie is gearing up to be even more impressive. Days 2 come will feature the riding of Torin Yater Wallace, Gus Kenworthy & Jacob Wester

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04 Dec 2011

The balance of powder – Sherpas Cinema

I wish all advertisements would be like this…

The magic of pow. Pow skiing at Island Lake Catskiing and Mica Heliskiing!

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